Agricultural Industry

Safety and Business Solutions for Farming and Agriculture

The agricultural industry is known to be one of Australia’s riskiest industries due to its use of heavy machinery, unpredictable weather, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Safe Work Australia consistently reports high rates of worker deaths in agriculture compared to other sectors, indicating the urgent need for safety improvements in farming.

We understand the challenges of running day-to-day farm operations and are committed to providing practical, straightforward solutions to ensure compliance with regulations and protect your teams from injury.

We can assist you to:

Address Government Safety Regulations Compliance: We help you navigate and become compliant with government safety regulations, ensuring the safety and well-being of your families, teams, and communities.

Develop straightforward processes to maximise safety and minimise risk: We develop straightforward processes tailored to maximise safety and minimise risk on your farm, helping you achieve your safety goals cost-effectively and practically.  

Ensure your farming equipment meets safety standards: We ensure that your farming equipment meets safety standards, offering testing and tagging services for fire extinguishers, hoses, RCDs, and electrical components to safeguard your operations.

Obtain the certifications required to attract major buyers: We assist you in obtaining the necessary certifications to enhance your market competitiveness.

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What solutions do we have specific to the Agricultural Industry?

We offer tailored programs to address the pressing safety and business concerns of the Agricultural Industry, particularly Western Australian farms. Check out our solutions below.

Testing and Tagging

We specialise in testing and tagging services for fire extinguishers, hoses, RCDs, and electrical components, ensuring the safety of your farm equipment.

Practical Safety Systems

We develop easy-to-use, compliant, and cost-effective safety systems explicitly designed for farming operations, providing peace of mind for you and your team.

Safety Management Plans

We design and implement safety management plans to mitigate risks in farming environments.

Regulatory Compliance

We can assist you in meeting regulatory standards, including WorkSafe requirements, to ensure your farm operates legally and safely.

Incident Investigation

We conduct thorough investigations and manage incidents effectively.

ISO Certification

We offer ISO-certified systems tailored for farming operations, meeting the standards demanded by major buyers like Woolworths and Coles.

Risk Assessments

We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify and address potential hazards on your farm, helping you proactively manage safety risks.

Operational Procedures

We develop clear operational and equipment procedures to ensure safety and efficiency in your farming operations, optimise productivity, and reduce the risk of accidents.

Training and Development

We provide specialised safety training programs tailored to your farming business to help create sustainable safety improvements within the farm.

Other helpful solutions for the Agricultural industry: